Friday, February 13, 2009

Ardmore 15 year old

Ardmore 15 year old
Bottled by: Whisky Galore (independent bottler)
ABV: 46%
Other: Non-chill filtered. No coloring added.
Region: Highlands (Speyside)
Price: $46
Availability: Specialty stores with a large scotch selection. As a vintage dated bottling it will not be around for long.

After reading about Ardmore's charms in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible I was determined to find a bottle. This and the traditional (separate post) are the most widely available expressions from this distillery. Ardmore's malt is a component of the blended scotch Teacher's Highland Cream and is notable for it's high level of peating for a Highland malt.

Tasting Notes
white wine (sauvignon blanc)
strong aromas of peat smoke
creamy, smooth and sweet entry followed by a strong attack of peat. Complex and delicious
Extremely long, smoky

Overall impression and notes: It's easy to see where Teacher's gets its trademark creaminess. Surprisingly flavorful for such a light-colored malt. Obviously fairly neutral oak to be 15 years of age and be this light without a strong oak flavor presence. If you like a smoky malt, this is uniquely satisfying.

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